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"I travelled with FICUS on one of their trips, and had a wonderful time. The tour was very well organised, the arrangements for food and stay very well planned, and overall offered excellent value-for-money. The guided tour was in a forest reserve in kerala ( close to Munnar ) and was off the beaten track - the location was fantastic, deep in a forest and far away from run-of-the-mill tourist spots. Being a photography hobbyist, I needed a lot of time to stop and take pictures. FICUS organisers could easily accommodate my special request, and I had a wonderful experience with them. I look forward to making more trips with FICUS."

- Saketh Ram, India

"Having discovered Ficus on the web, we knew we'd made a great decision when we were met at the airport by a friendly smile and a warm and considerate welcome from Ganesh, our trip co-ordinator for the following three weeks. Prior to booking we had tried to explain the kind of wildlife holiday we wanted; to combine serious wildlife interest without compromising the experience of being in India and all that this means. Amazingly Ficus Wildlife surpassed anything we could have imagined!

Every night we slept in comfort, each day we ate delicious food (far too much!), the travel was manageable, there was always time to rest, fantastic wildlife encounters daily and always great company with lots of laughter. Everywhere we stayed was clean and luxurious and we were provided with our own air-conditioned vehicle and driver. The variety of habitats in the south of the Western Ghats is incredible, beautiful; your imagination will not be able to come up with the wonder on it's own, you need to experience it. Ficus made it happen for us, with local contacts and guides who live and breath their forest homes. The whole experience was fantastic but in case you're wondering we were introduced to herds of gaur and chital, numerous elephant encounters, Nilgiri langurs, sambar and barking deer, three leopards, dhole hunting, crocodiles and a tiger! For the birders amongst you we saw most of the endemics in a list of 220 and managed to get good to great photos of them too; including Sri Lanka Frogmouth, Malabar Trogon and white bellied short-wing.

We had the holiday of a lifetime and we are hooked and already saving to travel with Ficus again in the future."

- Brian Tollitt and Louise Tanner, UK

"My first trek - Pampadum Shola National Park organized by FICUS. It was an extremely enjoyable experience. We were well looked after and the staff was most courteous. The treks were great, with some excellent sightings. It was well worth it, the easy pace was good and the communication between everyone was good. Thank you very much for an enriching experience."

- Dr Renjit Kumar J, India

"Thank you very much for a really wonderful and memorable trip for us. This has added to the list of unforgettable holidays which we have taken and I am very glad that we did this ...."

"Thanks so much for your company and guidance. We are enriched by the whole experience. We all learned many new things ...."

- Venkatesh & Aparna, Chennai
- about their trip to Top Slip in Dec 2010

"In March 2011 we did a trip with Ficus Wildlife and we had an amazing time! Ravi's attention to detail, knowledge of flora and fauna and ethical attitude to viewing wildlife was very satisfying for ecotourists like us. The trip was well planned with Ravi taking care of everything and all we had to do was go along for the ride. The wildlife we managed to see in our 11 day trip was envious as we were lucky enough to see a tigress with 4 cubs and a sloth bear frolicking near the waters edge, both of which are very rare to see in the wild. We were also lucky to see Gaurs, wild elephants plus many other mammals. The trip was also a bird watching treat as we got to see many birds, endemic and migratory including the extremely difficult to spot - Malabar Trogon and Sri Lanka Frogmouth. The most memorable experience was probably trekking through the quiet of Top Slip's forests, through the giant bamboo thickets with the rustling of the leaves around us and encountering a giant 1.2 tonne Gaur Bull!

All in all, a great experience and we definitely look forward to travelling again with Ficus Wildlife!""

- Ludovic Vassy & Vinitha Surendran
- Melbourne, Australia

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